Wavetransform Studios

The recording of the drum tracks for MAG PROJECT’s 2nd album has been completed! Working on MAG’s album, over the last year, has been a great experience. Marc-Andre Gingras, the band’s guitarist and songwriter, is a very talented musician. Writing drums for his music was truly inspiring. The instrumental album features rock, metal, funk, soft rock, fusion, etc. Working with MAG’s various styles of music enabled me to expand my ideas and develop new drumming techniques. Every song has a unique sound and feel. Marc-Andre will shortly begin to record the guitars. I am looking forward to this release!

I am proud to announce that I will be recording drums for a yet untitled new project and album featuring former COLOUR TRIP members Mark Wolzenburg and Elmar Keineke. Preproduction is underway, and the recording is scheduled for summer of 2009.

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