Wavetransform Studios

Hire Yanic to record drums for your next CD!

Want Yanic to be the drummer on your upcoming CD? Wait no longer! Get the process underway. The procedure is easy, and Yanic is presently scheduling projects for the upcoming months.

Recording options

There are 2 recording options available. Yanic may record in his studio, or you may have him travel to the studio of your choice. Both options are easily scheduled and managed.

Session procedure

There are only 2 steps to follow.

1. Send an email to session@yanicbercier.com to get rates as well as to schedule recording time.
2. Record your songs and send your audio files in order for him to learn your songs.

Yanic will record the drums tracks and will send you the audio files for you to complete the recording of the other instruments. You will also receive a promotional photo of Yanic to use for the inside artwork of your CD booklet.

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