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On March 24, I posted a contest question concerning the physics and mathematics of drumheads. The answer to the question is Bessel. I uploaded documentation on Bessel functions in the Techtalk section of the website. Check it out!

I received many emails for the contest and I was very happy to see your enthusiasm for the topic! The winner was randomly chosen. I am proud to announce that the winner is Olivier Neron! Congratulations Olivier! You will soon receive the autographed drumhead used on the Quo Vadis 2007 European tour and a pair of signature sticks! Here are the names of the participants who answered the question correctly. Good work!

Metroid Aran Muhammad Azri Enda
Jacques Gautreau Bjoern Jakoby Louis Johnson
Axel Kurello James Marshall Olivier Neron
Richard Omer Ped Gregory Valle
Charles Watson
s p a c e

Thanks to all of you for your interest in the topic! I received a few comments concerning the contest which I would like to share with you. Here is what some of you had to say.
“It’s a really good idea to do this game. You can give pleasure to a music fan and you can also share your second passion with us: physics.”
“By the way, cialis generic I truly enjoyed this question, it helped me grasp physics notions applied to a drumhead, and I found it very interesting!”
I am glad that you enjoyed the contest! Thank you!

Animation courtesy of Dr. Dan Russell, Kettering University

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