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Contest winner and answer to contest question

On March 24, I posted a contest question concerning the physics and mathematics of drumheads. The answer to the question is Bessel. I uploaded documentation on Bessel functions in the Techtalk section of the website. Check it out! I received many emails for the contest and I was very happy to see your enthusiasm for […]

Win an autographed drum head and a pair of signature sticks

On April 7, a draw will be done for an autographed drum head which I used during the 2007 European tour with Quo Vadis and Kataklysm, as well as a pair of my signature drumsticks. In order to be eligible for the draw, you must correctly answer the following question. The rim of a drum […]

European tour, transcriptions, and Yamaha Drums photo session

I am back from the European tour with Kataklysm, Neaera, Fear My Thoughts, and Quo Vadis. The tour was amazing. The shows were successful, many of them sold-out, and we had a great time with all the bands. Our bus contained the members of Kataklysm and of Quo Vadis. Kataklysm were great to us, and […]

European and Canadian tour dates

Quo Vadis have European tour dates in January 2007, as well as Canadian pre-tour dates in December 2006. I am looking forward to the shows, and hope to meet many of you on the road! Below is the itinerary. CANADIAN Dec 2006 dates with Quo Vadis and special guests Thu Dec 28 Hamilton, Ont, Canada […]

New Video section, and more transcriptions

A new section was added to the website! The Video page now has cool videos for download. The excerpts are taken from Quo Vadis’ Defiant Indoctrination triple DVD (live). Go check out the videos! I also added the credit information to Quo Vadis’ triple DVD Defiant Indoctrination. Since there is an extensive list of credits […]

Transcriptions section opened

I am glad to announce that a new section has been added to my site! The Transcriptions page is now open! I have written transcriptions of some of my favorite drum parts and have made them available for download. Video and audio excerpts have been uploaded to accompany the transcriptions, in order to help visualize […]

Press section updated

The Press section has been updated. Due to popular demand, I will shortly post parts of tracks from EMPYREAL DOMINION’s Forever The Fallen EP. I will send another update once the files have been uploaded.

Audio files now available

I have posted mp3s of Quo Vadis tracks in the audio section. The unmastered version of In Contempt and Fate’s Descent, as well as the drum tracks for these songs, are available for download. The drum tracks will give you the chance to better hear the drums, since no other instrument is present. Enjoy!

New photos

Some cool photos have been added to the media section. Check them out! I wish you all the best for the holiday season! Have a happy New Year and see you in 2006!

Back from Canadian tour with Quo Vadis

I have returned from the Canadian tour with Quo Vadis. The tour was a success and we had a lot of fun! I would like to thank everyone for coming out to the shows and supporting the band. It was great to see all of you. I am currently working on answering emails, which were […]

Review in Modern Drummer magazine

Modern Drummer Magazine has reviewed my drumming on Quo Vadis’ Defiant Imagination album. The critique can be found in the August issue of the magazine. Click here to read the review I am honored that the magazine has chosen to review my drumming. Jeff, thank you for the kind words! I am happy that you […]

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